Gertrude Novak



Gertrude was the daughter of a prominent gynecologist in Vienna, Austria.

When she was ten years old she was sent out of Austria as the Nazis took over in March 1938.

In England she studied at two different boarding schools,

She was reunited with her family in New York City in 1940.

Dr. Novak earned a math degree from Cornell University, a medical degree from New York Medical College and a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She joined Cook County Hospital's staff in 1953.

Five years later she was promoted to Assistant Head of the Pathology

She took frequent medical mission trips to countries including Haiti, Nepal and Brazil

After leaving Cook County Hospital in 1992, Dr. Novak worked as an instructor of anatomy at Rush University Medical Center.

She was one of the founding instructors in the physician assistants program at Malcolm X College.

She remained in both positions until she was in her 80's.

Gertrude brightened our Workdays and touched all our hearts.


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