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Recommended Reading lists

The Atlas of North American Exploration, William H. Goetzman & Glyndus Williams. University of Oklahoma Press

The Autobiography of Gurdon Saltonstall The Citadel Press New York, 1969

Chicago's Highways Old and New by M.M. Quaife, D.F. Keller & Company

Chicago In Maps by Robert A. Holland, Rizzoli, New York [2005]

Chicago & The Old Northwest by Milo Quaife, University of Chicago.

The Chicago Portage Ledger by Philip Vierling, quarterly publication, call (773) 286-4382 for subscription

The Chicago River by David Solzman, Wild Onion Books [1998]

The Chicago River A History in Photographs by Jonathan Genzen Westcliffe Publishers

The Chicago River, A Natural and Un-Natural History by Libby Hill, Lake Claremont Press [2000]

City Of The Century by Donald L. Miller, Simon & Schuster [1996]

Early Chicago by Ulrich Dankers & Jane Meredith, Inland Press

The Encyclopedia of Chicago, James R. Grossman (Editor), Ann Durkin Keating (Editor), Janice L. Reiff (Editor), University of Chicago Press

Explorers of the Mississippi by Timothy Severin, Alfred A. Knoff

The Fist in the Wilderness by David Lavender, University of Nebraska Press

The Time of the French In the Heart of North America by Charles J. Balesi, Alliance Francaise [2000].

French & Indians of Illinois River by Nehemiah Matson, Southern Illinois University Press [1874]

Geology of the Chicago Region by J.H. Bretz, State of Illinois Geological Survey, Urbana
Can also be found at the Washington Library (but only for reading and copying, not check out)

Historic Illinois From The Air by David Buissert, University of Chicago Press.[1990]

Louis Joliet, Explorer of Rivers by Virginia s. Eifert, Dodd, Mead & Company

Life and Voyages of Louis Joliet (1645-1700 ) by Jean Delanglez, Chicago Institute of Jesuit History [1948]

The Joliet & Marquette Expedition of 1673 by Frances Borgia Steck, The Arthur H. Clark Company Glen dale California [1928]

La Salle by Donald S. Johnson, First Cooper Square Press [2002]

La Salle, Explorer of the North American Frontier by Anka Muhlstein Arcade Publishing [1994]

La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West by Frances Parkman, The Modern Library of New York [1999]

The Location of the Chicago Portage Route of the Seventeenth Century, Robert Knight & Lucius Zeuch, Chicago Historical Society- Chicago [1928]

Marquette Legends by Frances Borgia Steck, Pageant Press, Inc.[1960]

Nature's Metropolis, Chicago and the Great West by William Cronon, W.W. Norton & Company [1991]

Naturalist in the Great Lakes Region by Downing, E.R., University of Chicago Press [1922]

Prairie Passage by Edward Ranney, University of Illinois Press [1998]

Prairie Tides, The Building of the I&M Canal (film) by Prairie Tides Productions in association with the Canal Corridor Association:(815) 588-1100

Swiftwalker @ The Biography of Gurdon Hubbard by Lloyd Wendt, Chicago Library

Voices From the Rapids, An Underwater Search for Fur Trade Artifacts by Robert C. Wheeler, Minnesota Historical Society

Wau-bun - The Early Day in the Northwest. Kinzie, Juliette Augusta Magill, 1806-1870

Where Two Worlds Meet, The Great Lakes Fur Trade by Carolyn Gilmon, Minnesota Historical Society


1. Marquette and Joliet by Regina Z. Kelly, Follett Publishing Company

2. The Story of Marquette and Joliet by R. Conrad Stein, Children's Press, Chicago

3. The Explorations of Pere Marquette by Jim Kjelgaard, Random House

4. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, Explorers of the Mississippi by Tanya Larkin, The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

5. The World's Great Explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet by Zachary Kent, Children's Press, Inc.

6. Marquette and Joliet Voyagers on the Mississippi by Ronald Syme, William Morrow & Co.

7. Joliet & Marquette, Explorers of the Mississippi by Daniel E. Harmon, Chelsea House Publishers (Philadelphia)

8. Indian Sketches, Pere Marquette and the Last of the Pottawatomi Chiefs by Cornelia Steckette Hulst, Longmans, Green and Co.

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