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Friends of the Chicago Portage is pleased to announce the completion and release of our new video about the history and significance of the Chicago Portage National Historic Site: "Connecting Worlds, The Story of the Chicago Portage"

Produced, directed, edited and narrated by Friends of the Chicago Portage's talented Secretary, Mark Maclean, "Connecting Worlds" explores the reasons why a city of nine million people grew in what began as a prairie marsh.

It traces the geological creation of the Portage with facinating animations of the retreat of the glaciers and the formation of the landscape we inhabit.

Follow the path of Joliet and Marquette as they discover
the Mississippi River and the Chicago Portage in 1673.


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Watch as voyaguers, the truckers of the past, struggle
to pass their boats and trade goods through the dreaded
Mud Lake and over the Chicago Portage during the fur
trade era.

Watch as a fur trade era interpreter demonstrates
how the voyaguers started a fire.....in 24 seconds!

"Connecting Worlds" presents interviews with local historians,
interpreters, teachers and authors who explain how the
Chicago Portage created Chicago and how the Chicago
Portage is still in operation today.


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For more information email Jeff Carter at president@chicagoportage.org


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